RAL KEB02AK Balanced Headphone Amplifier


audio output, equipped with two systems balance of headphone output (2.5mm mono micro jack × 2) and single-ended stereo headphone output (3.5mm stereo mini jack × 1). By using the optional optional cable, it is possible to enjoy music in full balance in the portable environment. In addition, it is equipped with a digital filter selector switch on the front body. To suit connected headphones or earphones, you can enjoy switching the digital filter that is installed (slow/sharp) to the internal dac.

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The size of the body is 69.2 (width) × 23.4 (height) × 102.2 (depth) mm, weighing about 250 g. Built-in power supply domestic rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3.7v / 1,200ma), can be about 10 hours continuous playback on a full charge.

digital audio format

“rex-keb02ak” is equipped with the latest portable headphone amplifier “es9018k2m” 2-channel dac “ess9018k2m” which achieves the complete balance setting circuit from input to output. s/pdf and has developed iriver compatible “astell & kern ak100” digital audio output and is supposed to be used in combination with “astell & kern a120”, it is equipped with input terminals of two digital input systems optical coaxial digital contribution. the corresponding up to 192khz / 24bit for both optical digital / coaxial digital.

A 32-bit multithreaded processor and two independent x-tal oscillator modules (24.576MHz and 22.5792MHz) are included. silicon and oscillators provide accurate low jitter audio master clock to es9018k2m dac and deliver clear sound.

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power & volume level

(1). Power amplifier; volume level off: turn counterclockwise to 7 o’clock position and check for click sound and pw/lb led lighting. power on: turn clockwise from the 7 o’clock position and check the click sound and lighting on the pw/lb led. volume level control: adjust the headphone output level to your favorite level.

(2). led pw/lb. on to indicate the operating status. green light indicates battery level is above 3.4v and red light indicates battery status is low below 3.4v. in this case, charging is required.

(3). hp level slider switch select the headphone output level. the right position shown above brings a high level for high impedance headphones. the left position shown above brings a low level for low impedance headphones.

(4). analog filter selection switch. you can select the analog filter curve inside es9018k2m dac with this switch. the right position brings a sharp decay curve and the left position brings a slow decay curve.

(5). 3.5 mm mini jack. stereo analog audio output for headphones. supports an impedance of 8 ohms to 300 ohms.

(6). 2.5 mm micro jack (l -bal – r) analog audio balanced amplifier output to control 4-wire type headphones (2 wires for l, 2 wires for r).

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rear panel

(1). digital audio toslink inputdigital light: 24bit/16bit, it will be 192khz ~ 44.1khz.

(2). coaxial digital audio input.digital coaxial: 24bit/16bit, 192khz ~ 44.1khz

(3). DC+5V power input for charging. Micro-B USB connector: You need to connect the DC+5V power supply unit (+0.25V, -0.25V, 0.5A minimum) ) to charge the internal battery with usb-a to micro usb. -b wire.

(4). mode selection slider switch use this slider switch to change the keb02ak mode of operation. this switch should be set to power_off state, the volume knob on the front panel should be set to the 7 o’clock position. and the volume knob should be turned clockwise to allow the mode of operation to be selected by the current setting of this switch for optical or coaxial input

technical specifications

(1). Digital Audio:24bit/16bit, 192khz ~ 44.1khz (2). Analog Audio Out: Single-ended 3.5mm mini-jack x1 (Stereo L, R). 1.62vrms/68 ohm x2 2.5mm balanced micro jack x2 (mono. l and r) 1.7vrms/22 ohm x2 (3). battery life: 5 hours. continue to play music with the 12 o’clock volume position with 8 ohm stereo headphones. charging time: 3 hours for full charge. (4). external dc power requirement: dc +4.75v to 6.0v regulated 0.5a minimum. Requires charging cable with USB micro-B plug. note) keb02ip does not supply charging power to ipod/iphone/ipad. (5). size: 69.2 (width) x 102.2 (length) x 23.4 (height) mm. 2.72″ (width) x 4.02″ (length) x 0.92″ (height) excludes surface projection. (6). weight: 232 grams, 8.18 oz (7). regulations: vcci, fcc class b, rohs.

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