Top 10 Baby Headphones for Airplane Travel

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Traveling with a baby can be challenging, especially when taking a plane. there are so many things to worry about, but I know that one of our biggest concerns was our son’s ears. To protect our little one’s ears, we bought baby headphones for air travel.

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The loud noise on an airplane can be too much for a baby’s sensitive ears, as their hearing is still developing.

We strongly recommend using baby headphones when flying with your little one. For your peace of mind, we have created this list of the ten best baby headphones for air travel.

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best baby headphones for air travel comparison chart (for babies)

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the best headphones for flying with babies

Babies develop their hearing between the ages of 0 and 2, so wearing baby hearing aids when traveling on a plane or in a noisy environment will help during these crucial years.

according to experts, hearing loss is one of the most common conditions in the united states.

Hearing loss can affect your babies’ auditory development, so protecting their ears is critical as they develop.

These are the best baby headphones for air travel that protect your little one’s developing ears.

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alpine muffy baby hearing protection

One of our favorite kids’ headphones for flying is the alpine muffy baby headphones.

I love the design of the headband, which doesn’t put pressure on the soft spot (fontanelle) on the top of the head. These noise-reducing earmuffs are perfect for little ones on a plane.

Not only do they protect your baby’s hearing, but they are also comfortable. Unlike other baby airplane headphones, these baby airplane earmuffs are plastic-free.

Since there is a headband, you can get the perfect fit around your baby’s head. The elastic headband is washable, plus there’s a spare, so you can easily clean these baby headphones.

My favorite thing about these baby headphones is how light they are. they are the lightest headphones on our list.

These baby headphones for flying also include a carry bag, making them portable. you can throw them in your travel diaper bag without taking up too much space.

If you’re looking for the best baby headphones for flying, these are it.

our favorite travel essentials for babies

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fridaybaby headphones with hearing protection for babies

If you’re looking for affordable baby hearing protection on the plane, then the fridaybaby baby hearing protection headphones are perfect for your little one. These are the second lightest airplane baby earmuffs on our list.

The earmuffs are large, making them comfortable for babies to wear.

The head strap is soft and cushioned, so there is no pressure on your baby’s head. It can even help your little one with pressure in their ears during takeoff and landing.

The two layers of sound-absorbing material reduce noise by 4 to 6 times, depending on outside noise. your baby will be able to sleep anywhere, on a plane, at a concert, outdoors or in the gym.

There are no worries with the 5-year product insurance guarantee. even better, every purchase supports a good cause.

banz baby earmuffs

the baby banz earmuffs are the most popular baby headphones for flying. With over 10,000 units sold, they are the most trusted brand for parents looking for the best baby headphones for air travel.

These headphones are just for babies, so everything is designed with your little one in mind. the designs are stylish, so your little one can sleep on the plane in style.

Unlike other baby headphones on planes, these baby earmuffs for flying feature premium noise-blocking material, soft padding, and a durable headband.

Although they are a bit heavier than the other baby headphones on our list, your little one will sleep soundly.

These headphones offer the best protection for a lying baby’s ears. There’s a reason they’re the best-selling baby airplane headphones.

comfortable baby earmuffs


snug baby earmuffs are the cheapest headphones for babies flying by plane. Parents love these affordable noise-cancelling baby headphones.

The head strap is padded for a comfortable fit on your baby’s head. You don’t have to worry about their ears because these baby earmuffs don’t put pressure on their head.

The adjustable head strap grows as your baby grows, so they can be up to two years old.


These headphones are bulkier than the others on our list, so keep that in mind when looking for hearing protection headphones for your baby.

some reviews mention that their babies sweat a little if the headphones are used outdoors on a hot day.

Since this article is about the best headphones for air travel, that shouldn’t be a problem. we all know airplanes can be cold, especially for a baby.

Here are some affordable headphones for parents to use while traveling with their babies.

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bbtkcare baby hearing protection headphones

the bbtkcare baby hearing protection headphones are a solid choice for parents looking to protect their babies’ ears while flying. This baby headset for flying is perfect for babies over 4 months.

offer affordability and functionality. there’s no pressure on your baby’s head, so they’re protected from loud noises and comfortable enough to sleep in.

There’s a 90-day guarantee, so you can return them if they don’t fit your little one. the adjustable headband makes it easy to fit most head sizes, even toddlers up to two years old.

One of the main drawbacks of these baby airplane earmuffs is the material. the plastic makes them less durable than other baby hearing aids, which have metal for extra durability.

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comparison table of the best baby headphones for airplanes (over 12 months)

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the best baby headphones for flying

The headphones in this section are perfect for babies over 12 months and even older children.

If your little one is sensitive to sound, these are some of the best headphones for flying on a plane with a baby or toddler.

snug kids earmuffs

The snug kids earmuffs are the most popular children’s headphones for flying. With an nrr rating of 25, your baby can be in noisy environments without her ears being overwhelmed.

Hearing develops until age 2, so even after your baby is one year old, wearing baby hearing aids on planes is a precautionary measure.

It’s obvious why these are the most popular baby hearing protection headphones.

These headphones are durable, adjustable, comfortable and compact. Of all the baby headphones on our list, these are the most compact for travel.

For parents with young children who struggle with loud noises, these are the headphones for your child. They are durable, have a 5-year guarantee, and can even fit adults.

These are the best overall noise-canceling headphones for toddlers, kids, teens, and the young at heart on our list.

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zohan em030 hearing protection for children

the zohan em030 kids ear protection headphones have been recently updated to eliminate all metal parts. these noise blocking headphones are perfect for your toddler.

New updates make it easier to adjust the headband for a more comfortable fit. In addition to being more comfortable, there are no pieces that can hurt your little one.

Infants up to 6 months old or teens up to 13 years old can use these headphones while traveling by plane.

I love the designs of these noise canceling headphones. if you have an older child who is sensitive to noise, you can choose their favorite design.

silent designer hearing protection

Muted design hearing protection headphones are popular with parents who have children with sensory issues.

These hearing protection headphones are perfect for toddlers, kids, and even teens.

These earmuffs have an nrr rating of 27, so your child’s ears are protected from loud noises with added comfort.

One of the things I like the most about these flying headphones is the quality of the materials.

These headphones are durable, so when your little one has a tantrum or episode, these noise-canceling earmuffs can hold up to any angry child.

Headband is padded plus wrapped in quality leather-like material and stitched.

Unfortunately, there is only one design at the moment, but more colors/designs are periodically available on amazon.

dr. meter kids noise reduction earmuffs

dr. the meter kids noise reduction earmuffs are the only pair of kids’ flying headphones that come in a set of two.

having one game is great for parents with multiple young children. In addition to being a great value, these baby noise blockers have the highest nrr rating in this section.

the cushions are soft, making them comfortable for your little one to use for extended periods.

Different colors are available, but the multipack only comes in green, which isn’t a big deal if you want to save a few bucks.

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Many parents love using these headphones for autistic children with sound sensitivity. the higher nrr helps children relax in noisy environments.

These are my second favorite baby headphones for air travel, so if you need headphones for your baby, look no further.

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heartek noise canceling headphones

the heartek noise canceling headphones are the most affordable noise canceling headphones on our list for kids. these headphones are comfortable, compact, colorful and affordable.

If you’re on a budget, these are a great option. With an NRR of 27db, your little ones’ hearing will be protected from prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

These headphones have a 5-year warranty, so if you have any issues, you can contact the company and get a replacement. that’s really standing behind your products.

With the long warranty, these noise canceling kids headphones can grow with your little one, especially if they are sensitive to sound.

choosing the best baby headphones for airplanes

When choosing the best baby headphones for flying, we kept a few things in mind. the most important factors are; noise reduction rating, comfort, weight and portability.

These are the things we consider when looking for the best baby headphones on planes.

noise reduction index

Noise reduction rating is a measure of how effective hearing protection devices are at reducing sound in a given environment. the highest nrr level for the ear muffs in this item is 33 db.

Although the math to determine noise reduction is not straightforward, having a higher nrr means more protection from outside noise, such as aircraft engines when flying with a baby.

If your baby is less than 18 months old, I recommend using the highest nrr headset when flying with an infant. this will help protect their hearing until it develops, which is around age 2.


Comfort is at the top because if your little one isn’t comfortable, they won’t wear the ear protection headphones.

To test the level of comfort, we wore them in our ears for a few hours. if we didn’t like how they felt, I’m sure a baby wouldn’t be a fan.

the more comfortable they are, the more likely your baby will wear them without getting fussy.


The weight comes into play when your little one starts to lift his head.

We know how hard they work when they’re upside down, so if you plan on flying when they start to learn head control, weight may be a factor.

Having lightweight baby headphones for flying will allow your baby to explore (look around) without getting frustrated.

If your little one isn’t a baby, weight isn’t as important a factor.


A crucial element that all baby headsets must have for flying is an adjustable head strap, a head cushion and earmuffs that do not put pressure on the head. That’s why design is crucial when looking for the best hearing protection for babies on airplanes.

the design will determine if it is suitable for your baby. Although some ear protection can be great for airplanes, be sure to look into baby headphones for flying.


We travel frequently and try to travel as light as possible, so having baby airplane headphones that fit inside our travel diaper bag is crucial. although it is not an essential factor, it is something to take into account.

what you should know about baby headphones on planes

do babies need headphones on planes?

The answer to this question depends on your comfort level flying with your baby without noise canceling headphones.

While babies don’t need headphones on a plane, I strongly recommend buying baby headphones for flying.

As adults, we’re not so bothered by noise, but for a baby whose hearing is still developing, it’s a good idea to use baby headphones when flying.

Do earmuffs help the baby on planes?

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Although earmuffs won’t prevent your baby’s ears from popping, they will protect your baby’s hearing, which is still developing up to two years of age.

what helps babies’ ears on the plane?

If your baby is bothered by the altitude when flying (ears get plugged), suction can help relieve the pressure. having your baby breastfeed, suck on a pacifier, or take a bottle can help.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your baby’s hearing from airplane noise, having a quality pair of baby earmuffs for flying will help protect their hearing.

These infant flight headphones will help protect your baby’s hearing from loud noise during a flight.

can babies use noise canceling headphones?

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Please note that the noise canceling headphones we are referring to are designed to reduce outside noise, so they are normal headphones.

Babies can’t use the traditional headphones we use to listen to music or movies. regular headphones are not equipped to provide the proper hearing protection that babies need.

however, they can wear baby earmuffs to fly. these are headphones just for babies on planes or in noisy environments, like the ones we’ve listed above.

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