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moon audio is your one stop shop for all your favorite audio gear. experience your music like never before with our wide range of hi-fi components, suitable for all budgets and experience levels (audiophile, music lover or beginner).

we all want to live in music and experience it as if it was meant to be heard. Fortunately, here at Moon Audio we have all the necessary tools for the audiophile’s toolbox. dacs, amps, turntables, daps – everything you need to hear your music the way the recording engineer intended, and more importantly, the way you want to hear it.

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There are critical elements that every music connoisseur needs in their hi-fi sound system. digital-to-analog converters help ensure that your digital music is effectively processed to an analog signal. amplifiers power your speakers or headphones so your music can be heard optimally. there are many things to consider when making sure your music sounds its best. The beauty of the various pieces of equipment in this section is that you can tailor your system to the way you want to listen to your music. Do you travel frequently and like to take your music with you? Do you like to listen to your music in the comfort and privacy of your own home? we got you. we can help you create a custom audiophile system, because your system should reflect you and the music you love.

These are the top 10 categories of audio equipment that every audiophile needs in their arsenal to listen to music:

1. digital to analog converters, or dacs

dacs, or digital-to-analog converters, are an essential part of your audiophile setup. help process your digital music more effectively and efficiently. Most of your electronic devices already have DACs built in, but in the case of a device like your smartphone, it might do a thousand things decently, but none well. that’s why external or standalone dacs will always sound better than the factory or stock internal options in most consumer devices.

Fortunately, dacs come in many shapes and sizes. Portable variations are smaller than their desktop counterparts, but can provide great performance and run on an internal battery or USB power supply if connected to a computer or device. chord electronics is a very popular brand that specializes in desktop and portable digital to analog converters. Chord Mojo is one of the best and most versatile portable dacs out there, and has been a top seller since 2018. Ibasso is another great brand that makes portable dacs.

There are a number of brands that make some notable desktop dac units. Just like the chord electronics already mentioned, the Matrix Audio and the Bricasti Design are great DACs that we recommend for home audio listening. For more technical information on how digital-to-analog converters work, head over to our “what is a dac” page.

2. digital audio players or daps

daps, or digital audio players, are devices that can play higher resolution music and various file formats than most consumer devices like smartphones and ipods. Popular brands like Astell&Kern, Sony and Ibasso are high-end brands that make DAPs and include quality digital-to-analog converters and integrated headphone amplifiers. daps come in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Looking to up your game with hi-res portable music? look no further.

Music players are a popular choice for audiophiles who like music “on the go” or for portable music listening on the go. Unlike iPods or iPhones, they can play various high-resolution music and file formats, and most contain a high-end digital-to-analog converter (sometimes two!) and an amplifier. this combination makes it the perfect companion for the traveling audiophile.

There are some larger dap options, such as the kann cube from astell&kern, which include a 5-pin mini-xlr output, making it adaptable for home system use. There are a number of recommended DAP brands on Moon Audio: Ibasso, Sony and Astell&Kern have great music players for all budgets.

Digital audio players can also come in desktop variants with streaming capabilities. matrix audio and mytek brooklyn bridge are great desktop players in a smaller form factor. A popular option is to get a digital player that can also stream music from your favorite smartphone music streaming app via remote playback; hence, a music transmitter. Roon’s integration also allows you to simultaneously access your personal music collection, via attached or internal storage, or access via a NAS, compiling an excellent music library for your listening pleasure. The larger devices that fit the home audio room transmitter come from Bryston and Aurender, both of which are excellent recommendations for features and functionality.

For more technical information on digital audio players, see our page “what is a dap?”

3. amplifiers

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Without an amplifier, your speakers and headphones wouldn’t be able to produce sound. so needless to say, it’s a pretty big part of the audiophile equation. Just like the plethora of headphone and speaker options on the market, there are just as many variations of amps. amplifiers can be designed specifically for headphones or built for speakers; Some variations even come in an all-in-one chassis with a dac, streaming functionality, and more. If you have specific questions about compatibility, feel free to contact our support team here.

amplifiers come in many different shapes and sizes. portable, desktop, tube, single-ended, balanced – the variations are as numerous as the stars they appear. each amp also has its own distinct sonic properties that will affect your music, making it warmer, more defined, etc. You can also find units that combine things like the digital-to-analog converter and amplifier together in a single chassis. the various input and output connections make amplifiers a versatile yet necessary item in your system, providing the juice needed to power your favorite headphones or speakers. it is important to know the power rating of your speakers or headphones, so you know if the specifications of a particular amplifier are compatible. too little power will have poor sonic response and your music will sound less than desirable. too much power and could damage your speakers or headphones if used incorrectly. Finding the right amplifier can mean the difference between day and night for your hi-fi system.

Popular portable amps we recommend are the Mojo Chord, the Shure SHA900, and the Astell&Kern SP1000 amp. Excellent options for desktop amps include the Hugo TT 2 Chord, the Dragon Inspire IHA-1 tube headphone amp, and the Mytek Brooklyn amp.

4. speakers

materials matter. Some would say that speakers are the life and soul of a sound system. the lungs that breathe; the voice that sings your music. Finding the right speakers for your sound system is as critical a component as any, and there are a plethora of options to choose from. Driver types also vary from the more common dynamic drivers to the more exotic-looking and power-hungry planar magnetic drivers. overall sizes and number of drivers per speaker may vary, along with their respective prices. Driver technology and circuit design have come a long way, and one thing in particular to consider when choosing the right speaker for your setup is the materials used. For example, Focal uses Beryllium in many of its tweeter designs, giving it a transparent and dynamic sound. Materials affect the overall sound signature, so be sure to ask our Luna Audio Support team if you have any questions about the speakers and how they’ll mesh with the rest of your system.

focal, mk sound and bryston have a great range and variety of loudspeakers for all sound situations. Whether you’re looking for a pair of desktop speakers, floorstanding speakers, or a complete home theater system, Moon Audio has everything you need to find the right speaker for your system.

5. streaming media players

Streaming media players are becoming more and more popular. As more music collections are digitized, music lovers are choosing to get streaming devices to consolidate their libraries and access them remotely. The convenience and ease of flipping through your phone to select your music cannot be overstated, plus being able to access your music streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz is just icing on the cake.

streaming is the latest current trend. Why fill gigabytes and gigabytes of storage with your music collection when you can take 50 million songs with you through an online streaming library? The other option is to set up your library via a wireless transmitter for your home system, allowing you to access your library remotely through an endpoint like Roon. Most streaming media players today allow you to access both your personal library and online subscription services together as one big media library if you have software that allows you to do so. Today’s streaming technology and overall quality have come a long way, and the advent of Hi-Res Audio via paid subscription service and the accessibility of extremely large music libraries will only increase the need and demand for streaming devices. in the world of audiophiles.

Like everything else in the audio equipment section, music streaming devices also come in a wide variety of features and functions. Devices like the Bryston BDP-3 or the Aurender N100H are desktop music players with Ethernet and USB ports, allowing you to access your music via internal or external local storage, or NAS. Devices like the Chord Poly connect directly to the Chord Mojo DAC and allow you to stream your Hi-Res music collection or other music streaming services via Bluetooth. matrix audio element x is one of our most popular all-in-one devices; including streaming functionality, an amp, dac and much more. Rest assured, if you want to access a digital music file remotely, there is a streaming device that can do it.


It can be argued that vinyl never really disappeared. Despite having made a perceived “comeback” in recent years, the emergence of analog audio sources in general has been a big part of the discussion in audiophile. there’s a timeless appreciation that goes with turntables now; a kind of ancient and pure technology that requires a certain reverence and respect. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to put a record on the platter and place the tone arm on top of it to play your music. however, for younger generations it could also be seen as too much effort, when you can simply swipe and tap on your phone screen. no matter how you look at it, it is a polarizing medium; a lost art that fortunately is making a comeback.

Audiophiles have “perfected” this lost art. Today’s turntables still employ the same mechanics, but with the latest and greatest technology the world has to offer, the clarity and fidelity are arguably unmatched when compared to the technology of the past. music hall has a selection of popular turntables that use a lot of this new technology. music hall has developed a consistent and logical range of turntables. all are designed to extract a satisfying, musical performance from that fabulous medium we call vinyl. From budget to flagship, all music hall turntables offer incredible sound and value. all are equipped with expensive music hall or goldring cartridges. If you’re looking for an audiophile turntable, look no further.

7. preamplifiers

A preamp is an oft-forgotten part of the audio system equation, mainly because so many products (especially all-in-ones) include them. A preamplifier is an electronic amplifier that converts a weak electrical signal into an output signal strong enough to be noise tolerant and strong enough for further processing, or to send to a power amplifier and speaker or headphone. If an analog signal isn’t strong enough, other elements on the line, such as noise and interference, can be accentuated and affect the overall fidelity of the audio. this can be especially bad when listening at low volume levels. a preamp is also a switch for all your sources. some preamps only have analog inputs and some also have onboard dacs for digital inputs.

The preamplifiers can exist as stand-alone units or be included in a combo unit such as Chord Electronics’ Hugo TT 2, which is actually a fully digital input preamplifier. Most audiophile-grade preamps like this one maintain an extremely low signal-to-noise ratio to maximize fidelity and overall audio quality. the mytek brooklyn dac+, for example, is primarily a reference usb dac, but is also an analog line and phono preamplifier with a reference balanced headphone amp. integrates hi-res vinyl and digital playback for reference listening on headphones and through preamp outputs; Paired with the Brooklyn amp they will provide reference caliber sound for your speakers.

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The dragon inspire iha-1 tube headphone amp can be used as a preamp in some cases. we started offering a preamp output option. We never thought of using the amp as a preamp until we released the new Dragon Inspire QMB-25 mono block amps as seen here. just for experimentation we used it with the amps and were impressed. so we added rcas output and a switch to mute the headphone amp when switched to use as a preamp. they all sit on the back of the unit.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any further questions about the preamplifiers or compatibility with your system.

8. power conditioners

Power conditioners are certainly not an overlooked part of any hi-fi audio system. A power conditioner (also known as a line conditioner or power line conditioner) is a device intended to improve the quality of power delivered to electrical load equipment. conditioners work specifically to smooth sinusoidal alternating current. waveform and maintain a constant voltage over varying loads. one word: protection.

The Bryston Bit15 Power Conditioner has been designed as a complete power isolation unit that is ideal for protecting your equipment while smoothing the current running through your home theater and home audio system. bit15 provides true isolation, along with low source impedance and instantaneous current large enough for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers.

Something as simple as a power strip will also offer a substantial amount of protection over plugging your devices directly into the outlet. For a power strip with some of the bryston filtering, consider thefurutech e-tp80. some offer only the highest degree of distribution with less filtering for unrestricted power and a way to add more outputs to your power conditioner like cards. cardas makes a really solid unit called a nautilus. the nautilus is cardas approach to pure power delivery. Its sleek design focuses on premium, custom-designed connectors. point-to-point cabling with heavy gauge ultra-pure solid core copper conductors. Passive rfi/emi shielding on each output, same filters found on our flagship power cables. 3d printed wire guides ensure the uniformity of each coil. capable of delivering clean, high current to all six outputs. An attractive box echoes the design features of the original Cardas Golden 6A power strip. This power strip is perfect for anyone who wants to connect their entire system to one high-quality device.

We can’t overstate the importance of protecting your investment. is almost as or more important than your own team.

9. DIY parts

do it yourself. if you have the knowledge, we have the supplies you need; everything you need to get started on your next audiophile or audio project.

creating your own cable or changing connectors, this section is for our most experienced and skilled audiophiles. With a variety of products, make sure you can get what you want here. are you looking for a specific adapter? we’ve got them. looking for wiring? we’ve got them. Replacement or upgraded tubes? I have them.

It’s like being a kid in an audiophile candy store.

10. accessories

Accessories are often thought of as secondary. however, in the audiophile world, accessories can protect, expand, or even enhance your investment.

protect your investment

You just spent a lot of money on your new computer. It’s nice, it’s clean, and you want to keep it that way. A protective leather case for your new dap or a sturdy travel case for your headphones is a worthwhile consideration, because you want your gear to last and look like new. You know what they say: if you take care of your stuff, they’ll take care of you.

improve your investment

sometimes your gear can be upgraded. Whether you want a better headband for your Audeze LCD series headphones, improved isolated feet for your floorstanding speakers, or upgrade the factory tubes on your existing headphone amp, adjustments can be made to improve your overall experience and get even more out of it. return on your investment.

expand your investment

After products are released, manufacturers occasionally create additional compatible products that extend the functionality of the original. The Astell&Kern AK CD-Ripper MKII allows users to rip CDs directly to their DAP without the need for a computer or transfer process. Similarly, the Bryston Bot-1 adds an optical drive to your BDP-1 or BDP-2 and allows you to not only play audio from CDs, but also copy directly to local storage. the bryston mr2 remote control includes special function codes that increase the performance of bryston units. get even more tricks up your sleeve for your musical investment.

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